Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of my book, L'Amérique Après Obama (éditions Autrement), to appear on bookshelves on February 1, 2012.

The book is a study of America's evolving identity, an in-depth look at the leaders positioning themselves to define the country's future, and an examination of how the US's changing internal politics will shape its action abroad.

L'Amérique Après Obama engages the reader in a discussion that reaches far beyond the November elections, simple predictions, and the day-to-day battle of political campaigns. Rather, it cuts to the core of the fundamental questions facing the American people and its leaders; to the social, economic and political shifts taking shape and gaining momentum; and to the ways today's changes will remake American politics for decades to come.

My objective was to provide you with a travel guide into the heart of American politics, a portrait gallery rich with profiles, and a pointed analysis of US foreign policy.

I really hope you find it both an enjoyable and useful book!

L'Amérique Après Obama can be pre-ordered online at a number of vendors including the following: FNAC, Gibert,, Payot (site suisse), or Or stop by your local bookshop on February 1 to pick up a copy!

You can also learn more about the book and get updates on its Facebook page.