Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday I was the guest of "The Interview" and "L'Entretien", on France24's English and French channels with journalists Annette Young and Cyril Vanier, respectively.

We discussed the consequences of Super Tuesday, the race for victory in November, and the electoral dynamics facing Obama in his bid for reelection.

The Interview in English:

L'Entretien in French

Here are the major takeaway points:
-Super Tuesday generated as much incertainty as it was meant to end. For all of Romney's organization and resources, he is still unable to enthuse very conservative and evangelical voters. Santorum's victories justify for his team the fact that the primary is a two-man race.

-Romney's position is difficult, and gets harder as the primaries go on: how to seduce the conservative base in this drawn-out process without going so far right as to distance himself from the crucial bloc of Independent and undecided voters this fall.

-The Tea Party, while mediatized and significant, has had difficulty translating its frustration into a veritable political platform and approach to governance.

-For all of the polarization surrounding the president, Obama has successfully reopened the political discussion in America to include all its citizens, encouraging the full diversity of opinions to take a place at the table.

-Finally, Obama still has an uphill climb to win this November, but I believe that ultimately Americans will cast their votes for the president. In a year in which Republicans have had trouble generating real alternatives and innovative solutions to America's problems, Obama should be able to reinforce his image as a pragmatist, willing to work with anyone including his opposition to improve the lives of Americans.

The Interview, France24 English
L'Entretien, France24