Monday, December 31, 2012


As 2012 winds to a close, so too does the time remaining for Congressional leaders and the President to reach a bargain on the fiscal cliff.

One of the major concerns is the prospect of $500 billion in automatic cuts to defense spending set to go into effect as part of the sequestration.

After the jump is a batch of links detailing how the sequestration will likely impact the larger defense community (Pentagon-both civil and military, defense industry, and defense lobbyists).

Sequestration, Once Unimaginable, Draws Near (GovExec) - An overview of the technics of the impending automatic cuts and how the various agencies (including Defense) might respond.

Defense Sector Braces for "Self-Amputation" (Politico) - alarming look at how the defense sector is preparing for both immediate automatic cuts and a difficult decade to come, how sequester is a mirror for longer-term challenges to the sector including shifting perceptions about the necessary size of American defense and commensurate spending levels, and how the industry is looking to protect itself and adapt to a changing general climate

The Defense Budget's Double Whammy: Drawing Down While Hollowing Out From Within (CSIS Report)

DefenseNews' LiveBlog of defense-related developments in the fiscal cliff negotiations

How Fiscal Cliff Is Already Hitting Defense Industry (CS Monitor)